Bengaluru Pre-University Colleges Are Setting Higher Cut-Off for Girls, Coz They Say It’s For ‘Gender Balance’

In a world where girls are already being punished and discriminated in all walks of life, Bengaluru pre-university colleges have taken the discrimination quotient to a distant height. They have set higher cut-off marks for girls as they have performed well and PU colleges want to improve girls’ access to education.

Colleges administrators believe this step would help them to balance out number of boys and girls in their colleges.

The Vice-Chancellor of Christ PU College – Fr Abraham VM – told Times of India:

“Girls are smart, and this is not a new trend. If there is no higher cut-off, the college will have only girls. Higher cut-off is to bring in gender balance.”

According to a report in the Times of India, the cut off for boys opting for Science in Bengaluru’s MES PU College is 92%, while for girls it is 95%. For girls opting to take up commerce, the cut off is 94% while for boys it is 92%.

In Christ Junior College, the cut off for boys opting for the Science stream is 94.1% while for girls it is 95.1%.

For girls opting to take up Commerce, the cut off is 96% while for boys it is 95.5% and for the Arts stream, the cut off for boys is 84.5%, and for girls it has been set at 89.2%.

The logic of equalizing the number of boys and girls by setting higher cut-off marks is illegal as legal experts say. According to lawyer Veena Krishnan, “If you have a higher cut off for girls, then lesser girls will join colleges. Unless there is a reasonable basis, you cannot have such discrimination. Like the demand for reservations for women in Parliament has a reasonable basis, whatever discrimination you do has to be on the basis of logic, a reasonable basis and for equity.”

Tara Krishnaswamy, the co-founder of Shakti – Political Power to Women, says. “When women do well, raise the bar. Punish them. When men do well, it’s called? Merit.”

What do you think? Is it fair when it comes to access to education?

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