Jammu and Kashmir’s Special Status Revoked, 2 New Union Territories Formed

Home Minister Amit Shah made two important announcements in the Parliament today. First, that Article 370 has been revoked with immediate effect and second, the state Jammu and Kashmir will be divided into two halves: J&K Union Territory and Ladakh as a separate Union Territory.

What will happen after Article 370 revoked

  • There will be no separate flag for J&K and it will be at par with the entire country.
  • he Fundamental Rights of the people of J&K will be the same as enjoyed by the Indian citizens of other states.
  • Central laws can directly be applied and it can declare financial emergencies under article 360 in J&K.
  • There will be only one national anthem for the entire country.
  • The Parliament can implement any law without the state’s approval which also includes changing the state’s name and its boundaries.
  • Indian citizens from other states of the country can buy and sell property in J&K.
  • The citizens have just one citizenship which will be prevalent to all other citizens of the state.
  • There will be no separate constitution for J&K and its citizens.

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