Karnatak Political Crisis: Congress and JD Ministers Resign, Party to Reshuffle Soon

All JD ministers have resigned, following Congress. K.C Venugopal says ministers who have resigned should return immediately and strengthen their party.

BJP has nothing to do with what is happening in Karnataka. Our party has never indulged in horse-trading, says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Lok Sabha.

BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje says Karnatak chief minister HD Kumaraswamy should resign immediately as he has lost majority.

KC Venugopal accuses BJP of indulging in anti-democracy tactics. “From past five years, we have witnessed BJP indulging in anti-democracy tactics. Now, after they are doing the same West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. [They are] using all central agencies to threaten MLAs, MPs and making them join BJP.” Venugopal alleged that this was the BJP’s sixtha attempt at destabilising the government.

Meanwhile BJP leaders in others states:

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